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An Addiction

Yup ive got myself addicted to FF XII its so unbelievably good if im bothered enough you can expect a review

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Red Dead Redemption review coming soon

Yup possibly a nominee for game of the year i am going to be reviewing this over the next few days i hope you all like it

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Mass Effect 2 Review

July 19, 2010 1 comment

The Game Overview:

Well this game came out just after the New Year and I must admit that this game was one hell of a new year’s present. I think I spent a total of 72 hours on my couch those next two weeks and my god was it worth it! If you want the general idea of what I’m going to say about this game then if you are an rpg/shooter fan then I would recommend you go out and buy this game. If you want to see a more detailed look at the game then read on….

The Main Story:

As most people know the main characteristics of the mass effect trilogy is its storyline and has been the defining part of the franchise so far. So when you press new game there’s no waiting for the story your thrown straight in with an amazing cut  scene introducing the game showcasing the graphics with a literal “jaw dropping” view of the immediate universe around you, but I wont ruin this for you so ill go on.

The games storyline leads you through an immense but very unique line of play, you encounter old friends, and new friends like an assassin, a psychopath, an Asari battle mage/killer type thing, a veteran mercenary and a blood thirsty confused krogan so what better hands to place the fate of humanity into… of course along with new friends comes new enemies and trust me these things are so annoying but then I guess a game isn’t a game without your annoyingly frustrating “bad guys” now is it?
The biggest downfall of mass effect 1 was its sheer repetitiveness it was almost like a mirror of assassin’s creed 1 the way the story played out except of course the obvious era change. Fortunately this was addressed in mass effect 2 and although you spend about 70 percent of the main story doing the same thing (finding your team) every mission has its own back stories its own twists and every one of them is unique so you will not get bored of it you can trust me on that one and almost all of the main missions in the game are linked some way to a side mission in the game which is great fun! But I will talk about side missions in the game play section.

Now though, we all know bio-ware’s greatest achievement are the in-game decisions. In mass effect 1 sure you made decisions but did they actually do anything for the rest of the game? The only major decisions you made were on virmire deciding if you wanted to save Ashley or kaiden and whether you want to save the council.  Again though bio-ware came out trumps in this and made your decisions actually effect the game the biggest example of which is during the last mission one wrong decision can leave joker the only person of the crew left alive on the Normandy. These heavy decisions are shown throughout the game having an effect on your persona and look which links with the paragon and renegade system, more paragon means you’re a good guy and renegade means you’re not exactly the sociable type of person. Over all the main story comes out tops because it’s very unique and if you check out the game play section you will see all the other aspects of the game that link with the main story. The best part of the story in Mass Effect is definitely the epic cliff hanger at the end!
Game play

The game play in mass effect 2 has changed completely from mass effect 1 which may be annoying for die hard RPG fans but honestly I think it was for the better. At first I missed picking up all the collectibles changing and upgrading my weapons and armour but after a while you seem to forget that and not mind the fact you can’t. Of course there are still some features typical of an RPG like customizing your armour and changing the colours etc. But the hundreds of different types of weapons and ammo are gone and this makes the game much easier to play I think it means that you focus more on getting the job done rather than spending your time preparing to get it done which in a game where the human race is on the brink of annihilation I think is a good time saver!

Mass effect 2 is more of a shooter than an RPG and this is evident the minute you play the game. The combat system has changed dramatically since the first game there is now a very big emphasis on the cover system much like in gears of war if you’re standing up for too long you will be killed. The same overhaul has been carried out on the weapons as well now instead of the complex upgrade systems I talk about earlier it is replaced with a more simple approach with only two or three upgrades for  every type of gun  and another new feature of the game is ammo. Yes instead of your gun cooling down you now have to pick up “thermal clips” which can be annoying if you run out of bullets but having an unlimited amount of bullets was just no fun

Side missions!!! Yes the essential filler for every game! Well its back in mass effect 2. Before you let out the same huge sigh of disappointment as you did after you discovered the fifth side mission you did in mass effect 1 was the exact same as the first and third because this time it’s a whole new story, with a different cut scene and environment for every single side mission there is much more excitement and enjoyment in playing them. Oh and one more thing yes the make is gone!! Hoorah this annoying little thing provided to be a constant headache in Mass Effect 1 because of its wildly unmanageable handling and gravitational pull but alas it is no more.


Well the graphics in mass effect are definitely one of its strong points the blend of colours and distant scenery provide a perfect backdrop for this inter galactic game. Depending were you are in the galaxy you will have a range of backdrops from a huge city to a lush green tropical island to a barren wasteland all these are done magnificently and make this game so much better. That’s not all though the building textures, the lighting, character and vehicle textures are all wonderfully smooth and realistic giving you a feel that you are right there in the game even the romance scenes are perfectly rendered need I say more? Yes there are some glitchy moments in the game like character facial expressions and the odd weird rock on the ground but to be honest no game can be perfect and the rest of the game completely out shadows these rare bad graphic spots.


The soundtrack is a wonderfull work of art from Jack Wall and Sam Hulick. The soundtrack has songs that reach the height of an epic battle all the way to the sound of the darkest corners of the universe and really gets you pumped for the game! The soundtrack is available to buy and I would recommend it to any game soundtrack fan.

Overall Results

Main Story:  9/10
Gameplay:    9.5/10
Gaphcis:        9.5/10
Soundtrack:   9/10

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